Although many refugees see Cairo as a gateway to the West, only about 2% are resettled elsewhere. Refugees in Cairo must find work in order to make ends meet.

That work, however, is very difficult to find. As a result, many are forced to work in the informal sector, doing dangerous work for little reward.

We work to enable refugees to access employment so that they can be self-reliant and integrated into Egyptian society.

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Refuge Egypt’s Adult Education Program provides men and women with affordable, high-quality English language instruction. Refugees with English language skills have more opportunities for employment and advanced education. And, as English is currently the global language, it also prepares refugees for resettlement abroad.  

Before registering for classes, students are required to complete a written and verbal assessment to determine their English proficiency level. Students are then placed into a course that is appropriate for their level. Classes meet two evenings per week and last for approximately 3 months.

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Our cleaning course is a two week practical training program that equips refugees with the necessary knowledge and skills to work as a cleaner. The cleaning course trains around 20 refugees a month and presents each course participant with a certificate after passing the end of course exam. 

These certificates reassure potential employers that the refugees they employ have a foundational understanding of the work they do. We also offer similar verification for driving, babysitting, and a general employment orientation; in the near future, we plan on offering courses in babysitting and cooking.

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Our Domestic Placement Office places refugees with prospective employers in a range of jobs, particularly cooking, cleaning, driving, and babysitting. We’ve placed hundreds of refugees in full- and part-time employment in Cairo, giving them an opportunity to sustainably provide for themselves and their families without relying on immediate aid.

Before we match employers and employees, we train and certify our refugees to high standards in their relevant fields. We mediate all contracts, so that both parties are happy with rates and hours, and we continue to act as a mediator once refugees have found employment when difficulties occur.

If you live in Cairo and want to employ a refugee, follow the link below, or contact us on 01202423147 or email